Unplug Pluggable Database using Database Configuration Assistant

We can unplug Pluggable database using Database Configuration Assistant OR manually from SQL prompt as sysdba privilege.

Here we covered Database Configuration Assistant to unplug Pluggable database.

In this post, we considered Pluggable database already created, if not then kindly have a look at: Create Pluggable Database using Database Configuration Assistant.


// To initiate database installer, start “Database Configuration Assistant” by issuing “dbca” command from bin library as shown below.




On “Database Operation” prompt, select the “Manage Pluggable Databases”

In this we can create new pluggable database as well as manage existing pluggable databases.

Click Next to continue.



On “Manage Pluggable Databases” prompt, select the “Unplug a Pluggable Database” radio button.

& click Next.



On “Database List” prompt, select the Container Database.

In my case, “orcl” is Container Database.

& click Next.



On “Unplug Pluggable Database” prompt, select pluggable database to be unplug from drop down list & select “Generate Pluggable Database File Set” radio button for future purpose.

& click Next.

You can also select “Generate Pluggable Database Archive” radio button, as per your convenience. In my case, I would like to go with “Generate Pluggable Database File Set”.



Ensure the summary about your provided database, if u wish to continue click Finish button.



Progress page will show you the progress of the same.


On completion of process, click the “OK” button on the message dialog and the “Close” button on the main screen.



PlugDB – Pluggable database has been unplugged successfully.


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