Oracle Backup and Recovery Solutions

In my earlier article I have covered “Introduction to Oracle backup and recovery” concept, where in this article I am going to explain various backup and recovery solutions are available while implementing backup and recovery strategy in Oracle.
We have below solutions available while implementing backup and recovery strategy.

Recovery Manager:

Recovery Manager is also called as RMAN, This is highly recommended and very easy to manage backup tool for oracle backup and recovery, RMAN offers HA & DR concerns with backup, restore and recovery of database.
RMAN performs a range of backup and recovery of database and fully integrated with Oracle database. RMAN have ‘RMAN repository’ who holds historical data of various backups. RMAN can be accessed with either Oracle Enterprise Manager called OEM or RMAN command line utility.

User Managed Backup and Recovery:

This kind of backup and recovery will be performed by user with the help of OS commands and SQL* Plus recovery commands. In this, user who performing backups and recovery have responsible for when & how backup and recovery will be carried out. The ultimate goal is to recovery database with no and minimal data loss in case of worst situations.

Incremental Backup:

Incremental backup takes backup of only those blocks who modified after full database backup. Every time considering full database backup is not feasible, resulting RMAN provided incremental backup to take backup of only modified data i.e. blocks.
Incremental backup size is more compact compared to full backup size, faster recovery. Incremental backup performs sequential search on every input data files to find out modified blocks after full database backup and mark for incremental backup. We can also improve incremental backup performance by enabling “Block Change Tracking” feature.
I have elaborated more about “Block Change Tracking” in my one of the article, please have a look here.

Block Media Recovery:

With the help of “RECOVER BLOCK” command we can recover/repair a data file corrupted blocks up-to certain extent without taking datafile or database offline.

Binary Compression:

We can compressed and reduce the data in backup set size with the help of Binary Compression algorithm.

Encrypted Backup:

For security reasons, RMAN Backup Encryption feature help us to take backups in encrypted format. To avail this feature, your database need to be configured with Advanced Security Option.
RMAN offers three modes of encryption, named as Transparent, Password-protected, and dual-mode. RMAN encrypts backup sets at the time of backup and decrypt it while restore.

Automatic Database Duplication:

We can easily make a copy of our database, with great support of storage configuration. Direct duplication between Automatic Storage Manager (ASM) databases also possible.

Cross Platform Data Conversion:

We can backup and restore database over the platforms, physical backups are platform independent.


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