Enhanced compression options in oracle 12c data pump

COMPRESSION_ALGORITHM parameter with options ( BASIC | LOW | MEDIUM | HIGH ) have been used to compress data pump dump files, Prior to oracle 12c compression algorithms have been used in RMAN backup only & only Basic compression has been used in data pump export.

But now on-words same feature is also available with data pump in oracle 12c edition.


BASIC: This is default, Good combination of compression ratios and speed. Same algorithm has been used as default in previous oracle 11g edition.

LOW: Minimum work load on CPU & if the CPU resources are limited then this is the best option.

MEDIUM: Same like the BASIC option but uses different algorithm, Good combination of compression ratios and speed.

HIGH: Best option for disk or network limited environments.


As compression algorithm goes up from LOW to HIGH, it consuming more CPU utilization and lower the disk space.

According to oracle, Choosing a compression algorithm level based on your environment. It is recommended to perform multiple tests with the different compression levels on your database in your environment.


  • This feature is only compatible with oracle 12.0.0 or later.
  • This feature needs Advanced Compression option to be enabled.


expdp system/manager ….. compression_algorithm=high // BASIC | LOW | MEDIUM | HIGH


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