DBVisit Physical Standby Synchronization Stopped due to partial archivelog transferred to Disaster Recover site

While troubleshooting the problem, I was trying to apply mentioned archive log through DBVisit and every time below mentioned error message popped up, I have cross checked mentioned archive log, and it was there on required location. By checking its size, i came to know it was partially transferred, also internet service provider confirmed there were huge fluctuations in bandwidth.

DBVisit error log

Dbvisit Standby Database Technology message from DR
Message received from process: dbvisit ifsprod 
(Dbvisit Standby: Process id: 16216)
201711051325 - File (/ifs/oracle/dbvarchive/1_191106_775842324.arc.gz)
does not exist or is empty. Please check space and file permissions or, else please contact Dbvisit support.
Dbvisit Standby terminated.
Return code = 751
(Tracefile required if contacting Dbvisit Standby support:


As a part of a solution, manually I have transferred above-mentioned archive log file from Primary database server to Standby database server, and database started applying archivelog successfully.

Thanks, Stay Tune. 🙂

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